My Adventures in Beijing – A photo project documenting my time in Beijing with a focus on food, 2013

Media Wars: Bollywood and Pakistan – A research paper and video project exploring the influence of Bollywood on Pakistan, 2013

Social Media’s Impact on Journalism – A research paper and responses to a collection of articles looking into social media’s impact on journalism, 2013

Brock Media

Why runners LOVE Boulder County, Boulder Magazine summer 2014

A poet in the house, Aurora Guide 2014

CU Independent

Technicolor Tone Factory captures crowd at the Fox

Left Right TIM heads to nationals for improv tournament

Fraternities and sororities utilize different recruitment processes

Dizzy’s Donuts fills Boulder’s donut void

Movie Buff: Project X

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Yellow Scene

Break on through

Good times keep rolling for Boulder pot smokers

Cue “Knight Rider” Theme

Q&A with Richard Wobbekind

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Boulder Weekly

RAW: Boulder altogether

Relocation of the Buff delayed by building permits

Gardening for those in need

Calendar boxes

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